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Ethno-Luxury: A Celebration of Culture

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

It’s fashion week; distinguished guests are seated around a runway. The music starts and the first model struts down the runway. She’s a glamazon in a silk and ankara saree pant suit. Another follows after in a stunning colorblock jumpsuit with a mandarin collar and gold embroidery detail. The crowd rises with applause and whoops. It’s new… chic… a fusion: familiar yet luxuriously regal.

Ethnic fashion reveres and represents culture. It inspires the celebration of heritage and origin. Ethno-Luxury is the luxurious destination of ethnic fashion. Luxury has always been rooted in items foreign. From perfumes to the dark dyes and silks, the West craved the ethnic styles of Africa, Middle East and Asia since the medieval times and even before. For instance, the French and Italian emulated silk production in the 1800s to meet this desire.

"Ethno-Luxury is the luxurious destination of ethnic fashion."

Ethno-Luxury became one of the dominant trends in fashion in the nineties and early 2000s. Fashion designers were inspired by a diversity of cultures. They created new styles that were vivid and a blending of these cultures. The styles were fantastical and exotic, reminiscent of a nostalgic past and distant nations.

ASAKEADE: Ethno-Luxury: A Celebration of Culture

Ethnic fashion is deemed eclectic, a welcomed break from the norm. These non-western designs provide a rich source to create a world of clothing: a world that takes you out of the ordinary to a different yet warm and welcoming experience.

From my Yoruba heritage, I have experienced a lot of bright and bold colors and designs in attires.I embrace color, especially the bright ones. ASAKEADE is bold and innovative; anything but ordinary.

As I appreciate the rich culture of our traditional clothing, I also draw inspiration from Arabian and Asian cultures. From the embellished Moroccan caftan and Algerian karakou to the Chinese hanfu and Indian saree, these beautiful cultures inspire me to create designs that are a fusion of deep beauty: something bold, something brilliant, something different but familiar. It’s a bow to the human race. It’s a celebration of what we have in common.

AsaKeAde adds to ethno-luxury by bringing in a fresh and bold fusion of diverse cultures with a spiritual concept. I utilize African fabrics styled in bright and innovative ways with inspirations from Asian and Arab cultures in all my designs.

We take ethno-luxury a step further by developing custom-made apparel and we provide you an enjoyable shopping experience in which you are honored and elevated from start to finish.


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