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Our Story

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ASAKEADE is inspired by a fusion of cultures: The blend of bold, audacious colors... a ceaseless flow of brilliant, cosmic designs.

Every scarf starts as a hand-drawn design or painting, which, later digitized and redesigned with vibrant, lively colors. Then the scarf is made by an eco-conscious London-based business in Britain. There, the seamstresses create each scarf with care and integrity.


All our scarves are 100% silk and carefully sourced. 

Our Mission

To provide scarves that are a cultural fusion with bold ethnic designs as well as give clients a regal shopping experience in which they are elevated and honored.

Our Vision

To be, and be recognized as, the leading global brand in ethnic luxury fashion.

The Designer: Adetokunbo Taiwo

I am Adetokunbo Taiwo. Raised primarily in Nigeria, I relocated to New York City at age 12, where I resided and worked as a registered nurse until 2021. And then, I moved to the South with my teen daughters to further explore my dreams of transforming my paintings into wearable designs.

From my Yoruba heritage, I have experienced a lot of bright and bold colors and designs in attire. I embrace color, especially bright ones. ASAKEADE is bold and innovative; anything but ordinary.


As I appreciate the rich culture of our traditional clothing, I also draw inspiration from Arabian and Asian cultures. From the embellished Moroccan caftan and Algerian karakou to the Chinese hanfu and Indian saree, these beautiful cultures inspire me to create designs that are a fusion of deep beauty: something bold, something brilliant, something different but familiar. It’s a bow to the human race. It’s a celebration of what we have in common.

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