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Celebrating Africa's Rich Heritage with the Allure of African Silk Scarves

Updated: Apr 19

If you've ever been to a Nigerian wedding, you know it's an experience for the senses. From the bright ornate designs of the Yoruba aso ebi, one fabric but different audacious designs, to the delicious and aromatic jollof rice and Afrobeats that draw you to the dance floor even if you have no rhythm. It is an unforgettable experience.

wedding in Nigeria
Photo by BellaNaija Weddings

And it all stems from the rich, diverse cultures of not only the nation of Nigeria but the continent of Africa as well. No one can ignore the assimilation of amapiano into Nigerian music. It is a beautiful fusion of African cultures.

aerial view of African city

The sound of Africa is iconic and heard worldwide. But not many understand the different African cultures that the sound consists of.

Here's a wild question: can a fabric carry sound? I would argue that it does, and I endeavored to create ones that carry the sound of Africa.

Africa is my motherland, and I love her deeply. I wanted to create scarves that would celebrate her. So I researched ancient cultures of the continent and traditions that pre-date colonialism. Some of Africa’s history was lost, forgotten, or erased. It's a joy to seek them out and bring them to light. To celebrate who we were. And if you think about it, really still are.

Africa as Eden Alkebulan
Photo from Pinterest

Did you know that Africa had a name before the Europeans renamed it? According to scholars, the oldest known name was Alkebulan which means "The Mother of Mankind" or "Garden of Eden." I am enamored with this quote I found about Alkebulan:

A name that evokes the rich tapestry of cultures, diverse landscapes, and the indomitable spirit of [her] people.

From the mystical pyramids of Egypt to the vibrant savannas of the Serengeti, from the rhythmic beats of African drums to the heartfelt stories whispered by the wind--Alkebulan has always been a beacon of inspiration and resilience.

Art has always been a means to capture history. So I explored ancient artworks of the African people. There were bronze sculptures made for royalty dating back to 2000 BC. Intricately carved doors were made for palaces in the late 1800s. Wood carvings, as well as weapons of honor, were diligently created with elaborate designs. All these told a story of how life was long ago. Read more about it here.

I examined them all and zoomed in on the details of each artwork. Inspired by them, I created the first line of scarves for Africa, which consists of 3 scarves: Palm Tree, Tribal, and Diamond scarves. The Palm Tree and Tribal scarves are now available, but the Diamond scarf is still in the works. It's an honor to release these scarves to celebrate the beautiful continent of Africa. And these scarves are just the start.

plum palm tree silk scarf

The Palm Tree design has two palm trees crossing and an arrangement of zen designs descending from the palm trees. The palm trees and zen designs are in between 2 DNA-like structures that I saw were inspired by the wood carvings. The Tribal scarves were discussed in a previous post here.

I kept going back to the doors because doors are important. They are gateways. In each of these designs are different aspects that encompass different walks of life.

So I stayed on the doors. The Yoruba doors. The Igbo doors. Carvings that were for palaces, for ancient kings ... kings of old. Only the very best artisans were commissioned to do this work. And whatever they did had such a lasting impression. It had such a powerful meaning because it was for kings. It was exclusively for royalty. And it carried that. It carried a certain gravity and integrity. And pomp and circumstance.

So I stayed on those doors because this was a sound I wanted to carry and put in the scarves. That what was meant for royalty can be transferred onto the scarves. So I stayed there to imbue the scarves with this essence.

This essence that is something specially made for the royal and regal. That when you wear these scarves, you are wearing what is royal. REGAL. And you become that. You become a QUEEN. You become a royal in your own way.

These scarves serve as a captivating celebration of the continent’s rich heritage. With profound symbolism, they encapsulate the royal essence of Africa. As you drape them around your shoulders, you carry a piece of this enchanting continent with you, telling the story of Africa’s innate regality, cultural richness and beauty to the world.

We celebrate Africa by wearing these exquisite scarves and showcasing the splendor of the continent to the world. Add them to your collection today!

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