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Bless A Nurse

Updated: Apr 19

It is Nurses' Week and I ponder how our healers stay awesome in their day-to-day tasks. As caregivers, they need things that make them happy to get them through those hard shifts. The understaffed shifts or the busy ones where they barely have a moment to collect their thoughts.

For some nurses, the satisfaction of seeing their patients do well is all they need to keep them going. When I worked as a mother-baby nurse, watching the newborns sleep in the nursery always made my shift better, no matter how bad it was. Seeing their peaceful faces somehow always made me light up inside.

But for other nurses that work where their patients generally don’t do well, they need something else. A way to relax the body that is constantly stressed as they care for others. And to recharge the mind that advocates for others.

One of my favorite things is to curl up on the couch in my flannel jammies and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows while listening to jazz music. Or better, lost in a thriller of a novel. It is about experiencing that moment with all five senses.

The feel of the fabric against your skin. The warmth of the mug cupped in your hands. The smell and taste of chocolate! The sweet sound of jazz. Or the words of the novel that leap out and create a movie that excites you!

This experience becomes a moment. A memory that lasts a lifetime. A moment you can go back to and draw from whenever you’re going through something unpleasant. It refuels you and gives you the passion for life to move on.

On a slow night shift, I remember chatting with my fellow nurses about the fine things we love: traveling, jewelry, clothing, etc. It is such a joy that today I design one of the luxury items we shared that we love.

gold mandala soft silk scarf

We live in our clothes. So our aim at Asakeade is to create clothing that is regal and timeless. Then you can wear what you love and what makes you feel good.

When you encounter nurses this week or any week, thank them. Pray for them. Bless them. They have a career that can never compensate for the toll it takes on their bodies and mind. But they will gladly receive your gratitude, prayers, and blessings. And yet, healthcare would never be the same without them.


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